So La Flair Theatre are an intersectional interdisciplinary feminist company who have found and chosen Manchester as our home. ​The company is a creative space that provides artists with the platform and community to create collectively and share ideas. 


We are an artistic community where we support each other’s individual work through a dynamic collaborative practice that harnesses a collective transfer and sharing of energy and creativity.

How We work

Artists within our So La Flair community can come together to create, collaborate and make each other’s ideas happen. We facilitate a space that encourages artists to join forces, gain support and momentum. We create and run projects that invite this network to participate whilst seeking growth. So La Flair also provides a support framework for its artists to facilitate artistic discussions, debates, workshops, imaginings and celebrations.

What we create

So La Flair’s definition of theatre and performance resists definition - talks, events, poetry, music, workshops and more are all part of the deal.  We support projects that push the boundaries of storytelling in the hope to disrupt and dismantle dominant discourses of race, gender and sexuality. The projects we decide to work on need So La Flair’s rhythm. We work in a non-hierarchical way with collaboration at the forefront of our process. We seek to work in non-traditional ways where for us, process is as important as the product. 



we believe in a non-hierarchical, collaborative approach to making.

we believe that our process should reflect our politics.  

we believe our activism is embodied in our art.

we believe in expressing the profound through the intimate.

we believe in pushing the boundaries of form.

we believe in dwelling in the strange and dancing in the abyss.

we believe in making you laugh and dance and move with us.

we believe in making art that is vulnerable and angry.

we believe in using art to facilitate change.

we believe in organisation and hard work.


we believe our bodies are powerful.

we believe we are powerful.