Our company name 'So La Flair' takes inspiration from a 'Solar Flare' which is a sudden explosion of brightness on the sun's surface. 

With this in mind, we are incredibly proud to introduce you to our creative community; where each of our artists has their own unique explosion of brightness and creative talent.


Scroll down to find out more about our creative community! 


Lucy Laverty

Artistic director and co-founder


Howdy folks!

I am a performer, director, writer, producer, workshop facilitator and maker.


I co-founded So La Flair with Scarlett when we created How To Keep Up With The Kardashians.


I created So La Flair in the hope of constructing an artistic space that explores alternative feminist working methods and enacts the radical restructuring needed in the mainstream arts industry in order to progress towards equality and empowerment both on and off stage. We want a space where artists can collaborate, support and nourish each other.


I believe in making art that is grounded in the real, expressive of the self, visceral and socially engaged. 


scarlett spicer

Artistic director and co-founder

Hey queens! I am a director, dancer, movement director and facilitator. 

Central to our vision for So La Flair is to bring creatives together to connect, collaborate, and exist within a community that nourishes our artists creatively and holistically. I wish for So La Flair to become a force of creative social change and celebrate extraordinary people. 

The heart of my practise is movement; exploring how our bodies exist within different spaces, how they interact with one another and how we can use them to communicate to the world. I am inspired by the new evolving work of Intimacy Direction and how this practise is being used to make arts spaces safer by deconstructing power dynamics in the rehearsal room. I am excited to explore this within our community of artists and beyond. 


LAE CARbon-wilson

Associate director

Hiyaa I’m Lae, a creative practitioner, producer, campaigner and performer who became involved with So La Flair during the devised show, How To Keep Up With The Kardashians.

I am interested in working across disciplines to reshape our cultural landscape as a crucial site of collective care and political warfare. From facilitating theatre workshops in prison, to designing participation strategies for public arts festivals, democratising the arts is deeply entrenched in everything I do.

Aside from being a human right, art also creates the space for transformative learning and reimagining, making it an essential part of any revolution. If hope is a discipline, art is the best way to exercise it; I dream for So La Flair to be a gym of hope!


pj cunningham

creative producer

Hello hello my name’s PJ! I’m currently a third year student at University Of Manchester studying BA Drama and Film. As a creative I specialise in Producing, Writing, Project Facilitating and occasionally performing! 


I came to be a part of SLF through producing the first production of How To Keep Up With The Kardashians. From the rehearsals to the performances this show was everything and more to be a part of as a creative. The creative process and artists involved were incredibly inspiring and enabled me to grow not only as an artist but as a person. The experience and energy was truly invaluable! I am so excited to continue this journey with SLF.


To me art is complete expression, it’s education (even if you can’t instantly see it) and it can make you feel in ways you’ve never felt before. I’m so curious by this and that’s what inspires me to be creative. 



montana rose aguelo

de guero barrera


Hola Señoritas! I am the sparkling Montana Rose Aguelo De Guero Barrera. I’m a Spanish and Argentinian performer and creator who recently graduated from the University of Manchester.


Last year, I was involved with So La Flair’s collaboratively devised piece How To Keep Up With The Kardashians that was centralised around the female experience of women in the UK. We discussed body image, and the effects of the images relentlessly projected onto us by the media. Being a part of this play was a wonderful experience as it was one of the first times I had the opportunity to access a platform upon which I could celebrate my lived experience as a curvy Latin woman; especially given the way that we are caricatured, exoticised, and typecast in mainstream media.


I have taught theatre in underprivileged schools and prison and from that I have seen how theatre unites people who might never have had any reason to associate and that is what I love. It grows confidence, creates community and gives everyone a place perhaps as an actor, designer, director, dancer or even simply as a supporter can be a very cathartic experience. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. See you at the next show!


Millie loveday inglis


Hello! I’m a visual and participatory artist, performer, curator and theatre producer based in Manchester.  


I am part of the HTKUWTK cast and continue to work with So La Flair in their creative projects. My creative practice(s) are driven by the desire to dismantle the cultural hierarchy within the arts. I believe that the value of art should be measured by impact: What does it say, who does it speak to and how loud? Art is for everyone and I explore this through my own visual practice and by facilitating individual talent and community projects. 


This theatre company is so special to me as my involvement began with an inquisitive and multilayered show. HTKUWTK urges you to dig deep, be vulnerable and have a lot of fun in the process, as does So La Flair and the incredible artists within it.

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eleanor haigh


Hey there it's ya girl Eleanor xx 

I am currently in my third year at the University of Manchester doing Drama and English Literature. 

I am an actress, writer and dancer. 

I became involved in So La Flair through co-starring in their first production How to Keep Up With The Kardashians. It was such a new and enriching experience for me that I will never forget and am super proud of.


My spot in So La Flair is dedicated to creating similar types of projects filled with purpose, movement and momentum for conversations starters and social change. 




Hello! I am an actor, writer, performer and collaborative creator.


I joined So La Flair through my involvement with the How to Keep Up With the Kardashians production. It is wonderful to create work and flourish in individual and collective artistry. As a theatre company it is crucially collaborative and this ethos aids its creation of astute work.


Art and theatre to me is the core of human existence as it takes the lived experience and performs each and every element creating escapism from what is really a display of reality.


sophia rosen-fouladi


Hello hello ! My name is Sophia Rosen-Fouladi. I am a Producer, Actor, Director and Creative Producer.


I first encountered So La Flair’s work during the creation of their first project How To Keep Up With The Kardashians. I was amazed by the collaborative and celebratory environment that Lucy and Scarlet created through their facilitation. The ethos of the company and the important work they produce is what drew me to join the creative team and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!


Theatre is a space for social and political revolution and community. It can bring together people from all backgrounds and create a space to question anything and everything around us. For me, at its heart, its a process of sharing and uplifting.


rosa hallam fryer


Yoohoo! I’m Rosa and I love acting and directing and anything remotely creative. I love theatre that engages an audience and makes them feel something whatever that may be!

So La Flair took me under their wing when I was cast in How To Keep Up With The Kardashians where I blossomed from a wee Kidney Vetch butterfly into a Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly (look it up – it’s massive). The show rocked my world, and I will always be grateful for it.

Theatre is important to me as it is a space where anyone can express themselves. Alongside it being a fun time, it has the potential to reach all demographics and when done right can encourage healthy change and discussion. It is more than just for entertainment; it is a space where people can feel heard, and stories can be shared.


elizA lewis


Hello darlings! I am an actor, singer and film producer. 

So La Flair was introduced to me through the sparkling creation of the production How To Keep Up With The Kardashians. As a performer, this devised piece of theatre tested my comedic, inventive and physical capabilities. Yet as a human being, HTKUWTK is responsible for the strengthening of my self-confidence, energy and passion for artistic methods of healing.


So La Flair provides the beautiful and artistic opportunity for physical and mental communication, a precious and rare freedom.