This Summer SLF became event partners with Green Island Festival. Green Island are a non-profit community focused festival who have been throwing a series of day festivals in the secret paradise of Hulme Community Garden Centre in Manchester. The festivals are a beautiful day full of music, food, celebration and togetherness. We have loved being able to be a part of this special series of events!

We began our partnership with Green Island from Vol.2 of their day festival event series. We have been supporting them in running their events, turning the garden centre into a wonderland and creating new spaces at the festival. We create spaces at the festival that contribute to the festival's atmosphere and embody So La Flair's intersection of art, community and activism.


Save hulme hippodrome

During our first collab with Green Island we created a space at the festival to platform and provide community outreach for a campaign we are currently involved in, Save Hulme Hippodrome.


Save Hulme Hippodrome is a community campaign to save the Hippodrome building from property development and forces of gentrification. We want to save the building and revive it to a fully functioning arts space that serves the community that surrounds it. As a company we wanted to help elevate the campaign's publicity and offer an imagining of what reclaiming this space will look like. We programmed our main stage with talks from people involved with the campaign and debates on the responsibilities of cultural spaces. We also programmed poetry and spoken word from people with attachments to the building and Hulme as a city. As well as this we had collective sculptures and vision boards where everyone could contribute their hopes for the building. We also had a secret cinema grotto at the event called There is another space where we screened local photographers' pictures of Hulme and Hulme cinema.


Lae Carbon Wilson - Event Director and forum host

Lucy Laverty - Creative Producer and Volunteer Co-ordinator

Scarlett Spicer - Producer

Millie Loveday - Visual Curator and Artist

Clara Glyyn - Sculpture Artist

Katy Beck - Sign Design Artist

SHH Campaign Members and Supporters - Day Volunteers

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Photos taken by Al Baker during Green Island Vol 2


The brightness sanctuary

For our second Green Island collab (Vol 3), we wanted to create a space at the festival focused on well being and mental health. We created our Brightness Sanctuary space. This space aimed to explore brightness both literally and as a metaphor for the spirit and mental wellbeing. We created a beautiful bright space with a variety of activities for people to engage with throughout the day. There was a collective wishing tree sculpture where people could paint a can to add to our growing tree. We had a mental health map of Manchester where people could write a space in Manchester where they felt brightness and pin it to that location on our map, contributing to the collective creation of a map of people's happy spaces in Manchester. We also had arts and crafts in the sun where people could collage and colour in their own designs for our logo. The Brightness sanctuary became a space to stop and feel all the brightness in the day.

To check out the space and how it went on the day see our instagram highlight Green Island Vol 3 on our instagram page @solaflairtheatre.


Lucy Laverty and Scarlett Spicer - Event Directors and Creative Producers

Lucy Laverty - Volunteer Co-ordinator

Millie Loveday - Visual Curator

Clara Glyyn - Sculpture Artist

Katy Beck - Sign Design Artist

PJ Cunningham - Social Media Co-ordinator

Rosa Fryer, Eleanor Haigh, Lauren Ellis Stretch - SLF Community Day Volunteers

SLF Supporters - Day Volunteers

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Photos taken by Milan Nechvatal (Photos 2 - 6 & 8 - 10) and PJ Cunningham (Photos 1 & 7) during Green Island Vol 3